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Product Benefits

Nobel NC dense nitrocellulose
fibrous nitrocellulose

Superior clarity
Solutions made with NNC nitrocellulose are exceptionally clear, dramatically improving the quality of the final product.

Guaranteed consistency and quality
We use stringent quality control and batch production methods to help us meet increasingly high performance and quality standards demanded by modern industry and consumers.

Choice of nitrogen grades
The nitrogen content of NNC nitrocellulose is carefully graded to give customers the precise solution characteristics needed for their particular application.

Choice of viscosities
NNC nitrocellulose is produced in a range of viscosities to give formulators complete freedom to develop the properties they want.

Easy to handle
NNC nitrocellulose is manufactured and transported as cuboid granules wetted with a choice of water, isopropanol or ethanol. The product is free-flowing and virtually dust free, with only minimal solvent migration during transport and storage.

Convenient packaging and storage options
NE nitrocellulose is available in a range of packs from versatile 20 kg fibreboard cartons for manual handling to 136 kg fibreboard drums.

On-going research and development
Our team of dedicated professionals has the skills, commercial expertise and breadth of vision to evolve state-of the art products and services. We will continue to make your business needs our top priority.

Performance of Dense Nitrocellulose versus Fibrous Nitrocellulose
Property Dense Nitrocellulose Fibrous Nitrocellulose
Nitrocellulose physical form Cuboid granules Powder/Flake
Handling Characteristics Free flowing Non free flowing, tendency to compact
Bulk Density 0.5 - 0.6 gcm-3 0.2 - 0.35 gcm-3
Solvent Migration (note 1) 10% 15 - 24%
Fall Hammer 60 - 80 cm 40 - 60 cm
Torpedo Friction 80 cm 20 - 30 cm
Notes: 1. Percentage reduction in TVM when column of NC is exposed to a temperature gradient of 50?C for 4 days.
            2. In both tests a higher figure indicates lower sensitivity


The Nobel NC nitrocellulose product range provides customers with user-friendly, cost-effective specialist grades developed and manufactured to BS EN 9001 quality standards. We use a unique manufacturing process to impose tight limits on the degree of nitration obtained. By selecting the appropriate reaction parameters, we can determine the precise solubility characteristics of the final product. This results in solutions of outstanding clarity, setting Nobel NC nitrocellulose way ahead of its competitors.

Nobel NC nitrocellulose is supplied as cuboid granules which flow freely, are easy to handle and do not compact when stored. The granules generate little or no dust, as opposed to other types of nitrocellulose supplied in powder or flake form. Solvent migration is also kept to a minimum during transport and storage.

At all times, safety is a paramount concern. Nitrocellulose is a flammable solid and requires to be handled with extreme care. Nobel NC can provide training on all safety and handling issues.

We also publish Product Safety Data Sheets in a number of languages to make sure that our customers are fully aware of the hazards involved and how to manage these effectively.

The Nobel NC nitrocellulose product range has been developed by generations of highly skilled chemists and engineers. Our customer-focused approach helps us to understand and anticipate specialist product requirements and deliver cutting-edge solutions. You can depend on cost-effective, high quality products that exactly meet your needs and help you achieve real market differentiation.

We supply ethanol damped nitrocellulose that is free of potentially harmful denaturants as well as nitrocellulose wetted with a choice of isopropanol or water. Packing options are designed with our customers' interests in mind for efficient storage and recycling.