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Company Profile

Industrial Nitrocellulose continues to be an important resin employed globally in the manufacture of inks and coatings. Nobel NC Company Ltd. has been established in order to meet the changing demands of the ink and coating producers for a large-scale and sustainable industrial Nitrocellulose producer with market-leading technology and quality.  

Nobel NC Company Ltd. is a joint venture in Thailand between two shareholders with an excellent presence in industrial Nitrocellulose, NCI of Thailand and Inabata KK of Japan. NCI is part of the long established and privately held VS Group of companies and has a long history and experience in the manufacture of industrial Nitrocellulose. Inabata KK is a public company, listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange with over 120 years experience in Chemicals and annual revenue in excess of EURO 3 Billion.

The new company has a simple and single vision – to manufacture the highest quality industrial Nitrocellulose in the World and to do so with a fully competitive cost base. To this end, Nobel NC Company Ltd. will employ exclusively the proven and exemplary “Nobel technology” in its manufacture of Nitrocellulose. All production will be of the Nobel “dense chip” grade that the industry widely regards as having defined the standard for quality and consistency in the coatings and ink markets for many years.

The production facility is located some 160 Kilometres or 2 hours drive north of Bangkok in the Chai Nat province of Thailand. It is situated on the Chaopraya River that provides the facility with an abundant source of processing water. The first production line was commissioned in September 2008 and produces Nitrocellulose of the highest quality synonymous with the “Nobel” name. The second production line will be commissioned during 2009 to further increase the capacity available. The green-field site provides sufficient scope for further expansion should market conditions dictate. In addition, Board of Investment status has been awarded to Nobel NC Company Ltd., which affords the company sizeable privileges for a significant period. The Headquarters for Nobel NC Company Ltd. will be based in Bangkok with sales and distribution centres placed strategically around the World. Special emphasis is placed on continuity and security of supply.

Nobel NC Company Ltd. represents one of the single largest financial investments in the history of industrial Nitrocellulose and emphasises the commitment of the company as a long-term, sustainable partner for it’s global customer base.