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Environment & Raw Materials


Nobel NC nitrocellulose or cellulose nitrate is made by treating natural cellulose - diced wood pulp - with sulphuric and nitric acids.


At Nobel NC , we use only the finest quality raw material, sourcing the wood pulp from renewable resources and making sure that we conform to best environmental practices. Nobel NC nitrocellulose is one of the most widely used and important film formers in printing inks and coatings. In use for over a century, its performance, clarity and handling properties are unrivalled, despite the introduction of synthetic polymers and other similar products.

Nobel NC is the acknowledged market leader in the supply of high quality nitrocellulose components, specialising in extra low viscosity grades to the inks industry throughout the world. The company's wealth of experience and wide market knowledge has enabled it to establish a leading position in the manufacture of these key products.